MagnaVault Ex Series

Burglary & Fire Protection Safes

Providing brute strength and striking beauty, the MagnaVault EX is available in 5 sizes. A proprietary 7 step paint process in a great looking Granite color assures years of good looking security.

Strength is more than skin deep in a MagnaVault EX. The Standard Locking system is a UL Type I Electronic Lock providing multi-user access. Tempered Glass and mechanical systems trigger multiple re-locks that secure the door in the event of a forcible entry attempt. Special “hard plate” protects vital areas of the door and body against drill attacks that other safes easily yield to. This safe far exceeds the UL RSC burglary label it has been awarded.

Convenience is not forgotten in a MagnaVault EX; from the polished accessory panel located on the back cover all the way to the battery powered LED light system illuminating the interior. And don’t forget about our ½” thick tempered glass shelves that adorn the interior of every MagnaVault EX. These shelves have been tested to withstand over 200 lbs. of dead weight and provide extraordinary support for your valuables. Laced with a polished stainless steel fascia they look and feel like something belonging in a high-end luxury cabinet but perform with a tough as nails attitude as they give increased visibility to the contents of your safe.

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Outer Dimensions: 20.25″Hx17.25″Wx18.75″D 
Inner Dimensions: 15″Hx12″Wx11.875″D 
Weight: 265 lbs 
Volume: 1.23 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 26.35″Hx21.75″Wx21.75″D 
Inner Dimensions: 21″Hx16.25″Wx14.75″D 
Weight: 415 lbs 
Volume: 2.9 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 34″Hx21.75″Wx21.75″D
Inner Dimensions: 28.75″Hx16.25″Wx14.75″D 
Weight: 525 lbs 
Volume: 3.98 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 40″Hx21.75″Wx21.75″D 
Inner Dimensions: 34.75″Hx16.25″Wx14.75″D 
Weight: 570 lbs 
Volume: 4.8 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 45.25″Hx25.5″Wx27.5″D
Inner Dimensions: 40″Hx20″Wx20″D
Weight: 810 lbs 
Volume: 9.26 cubic feet