Commercial Locksmith Services

image of a keypad lock

We can install all types of locks throughout your commercial property, including keypad locks.

Commercial buildings often rely on a system of locks to keep people out of areas that aren’t public. They can help to keep workers safe and they help to protect confidential information. It is imperative that you choose the right commercial locksmith with Grade 1 locks that help you to meet the goals for your company.

Historically, locks were very simple mechanisms that helped to deter people from going into areas where they didn’t need to venture. Now, locks have become more sophisticated and can provide strict control measures for certain areas of a building. With the increase in technology that has happened in the security industry, you have a lot of choices to think about when you are in the market to replace a lock system.

Finding the Right Locking System

A commercial locksmith, such as Anderson Safe & Lock, can provide you with valuable insight into which solutions might help your company. You have to think carefully about the goal and function of the locks that you are having installed.

One consideration is the type of locks you will have the commercial locksmith install. Electronic locks and biometric locks are great options if you need strict control over who enters specific areas. You can also use other locks, such as carded locks, keypad locks, or push button locks, but you might not have as much control over the entry to these spaces.

You should remember that you don’t have to stick to one type of lock when you are making this decision. Instead, think about each door on its own to determine what type of lock you need the commercial locksmith to install.

You can have the business locksmith couple these locks, including push button locks, security locks, and deadbolt locks, with other access control measures. Security camera installation done by a cheap locksmith can help you further secure the areas. Panic devices, door closers, and high-security locks might also be beneficial to some businesses.

Using products from companies like Medeco, LCN, Hayman Safe, Von Dupin, and Schlage can help you ensure your company is well protected. We are a St Petersburg commercial locksmith so we can help you find optimal solutions for your security needs.

Commercial Master Key System

Schlage Primus IC Core lock

We Can Install IC Cores.

Are you still carrying around a big ring full of keys? Have you lost track of which key fits where? Would you like to simplify your life? Consider a master key system for your office, school, apartment complex. We can install a master key system which will give you greater control over your keys and security. We can create a unique system for you using a restricted keyway or high-security lock.

Office Lockout Service

office lock unlocked

We Can Unlock Any Office Door Without Damage.

Lost office key? Broken office key? Our locksmiths can unlock any office door, whether it’s an internal door or external door. Using specialized tools we can pick the lock, usually in just a few minutes. Even though the primary goal is to get you in fast, while we’re on site, we can even make you a new key or rekey your locks.

Lock Repairs

broken mortise lock getting repaired

We Repair All Types Of Locks Including Mortise Locks.

Commercial locks get used far more often than residential locks. As such, they are built to a higher standard and are much more expensive. We want to save you money, so rather than immediately replacing the lock, we will do our best to repair the lock. Our commercial locksmiths have years of experience and are trained to repair almost all locks including mortise locks, lever locks, and panic bars.

Exit Devices & Panic Bars


We Repair and Repair Exit Devices.

Exit devices and panic bars are typically installed on exit doors and fire doors. These devices and locks help users exit the building in the event of an emergency and must be installed according to ADA regulations. If these devices are not working correctly, you could be risking lives in the event of a fire. At Anderson Safe & Lock, we can repair or replace springs, vertical rods, outside trim, cylinders, dogging kits, and end caps for example. We understand exactly how these devices work so we can repair them in no time at all.

Door Closer Repair & Replacement

parallel arm door closer installed on commercial door

We Repair and Replace Door Closers.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a door that is either hard to open or slams shut and nearly hits your heels as you walk through an entrance. A broken or leaking door closer is ugly and can seriously injure people. These parallel arm door closers use hydraulic fluid to control the speed at which they open and close. We can repair and adjust these door closers to perfect working condition, and if it is beyond repair, we have exact replacements. Rather than needing to drill more holes in your door or door frame, we can use a door closer with the same footprint.

Door Pivot Installation

storefront glass door with door pivots

Pivots Wear Out. We Can Take The Door Down And Replace Pivots.

Nearly all aluminum storefront doors have pivots at the top and bottom of the door instead of traditional hinges. These pivots can wear out over time which causes the door to drop slightly. If they do not get adjusted, the will become so worn out that they’ll need to be replaced. If you can see a powdery substance near the bottom pivot on the sidewalk, it’s a good sign that the pivot needs to be replaced.

Office Keys By Code For Desks & Cabinets

office desk key

We Can Make Keys To Office Desks and, Cabinets.

Have you lost that little key you keep in your desk drawer? Desk keys are funny because you can’t just bring the whole desk or cabinet to a locksmith, however, we can come to you. We can generally make a key by code. As you’ll see in the picture, there is a number “8” stamped above the key. That is a key code. As locksmiths, we have special software which tells us how to cut the key for that lock.

Commercial Locksmith Service After Installation

Once you have the locks installed in the building, you need to make sure that you can have them serviced by a trained and insured commercial locksmith. Anderson Safe & Lock has a physical location where you can walk in if you need to, but the service goes beyond that. We also offer mobile locksmiths services, which means we’ll come to you. Call us to help you get the door hardware or lock codes changes, which is helpful when you have to let employees go, when they retire, or when you hire new people. While we’re on site you can have locks maintained and repaired if necessary.