Floor Safes Series

Poly Body and Steel Body In-Floor Safes

Our patented “Poly” safe represents the most dramatic design innovation ever for in-floor safes. Using molded polyethylene, this safe provides features never before dreamed of, such as storage shelves, a filing system, and a false floor (FS4000 only).

Yet when it comes to security, our “Poly” safes give up nothing. Once installed into a concrete floor, the polyethylene floor safes give the same level of security that any steel floor safe can provide by utilizing a solid steel door, steel door frame, and hardened bolts to secure the door frame into the safe body. When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.

The unique interior shape makes organizing and finding your valuables easy. Vertical file divider fits in between the grooves on the body to allow for upright file storage. Shelving molded into the sides of the safe provides storage for small valuables like jewelry. The plastic body gives guaranteed leak protection from underneath with no risk of rust. A re-locking device fires when the lock is attacked, ensuring your valuables are safe.

Hardened steel under the lock provides excellent resistance against drill attacks. The steel door frame and the recessed door does, in fact, provide excellent resistance against prying.

Standard combination lock provides years of reliable operation while upgrade options for several electronic locks give an impressive amount of flexibility. All in floor safes come standard with 1/2″ solid steel doors, All FS series are available with a 1″ solid steel door.

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Outer Dimensions: 15″Hx15″Wx10.25″D
Inner Dimensions: 11.5″Hx14.5″Wx8″D 
Weight: 42 lbs 
Volume: .76 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 15″Hx18.5″Wx15.5″D 
Inner Dimensions: 12″Hx17″Wx13.25″D 
Weight: 76 lbs 
Volume: 1.35 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 20.25″Hx21.75″Wx15.5″D
Inner Dimensions: 17″Hx20.25″Wx13.25″D 
Weight: 88 lbs 
Volume: 2.39 cubic feet

FS 8

Outer Dimensions: 12.25″Hx15.75″Wx14.25″D 
Inner Dimensions: 9″Hx14″Wx13.25″D
Weight: 80 lbs 
Volume: .97 cubic feet

FS 16

Outer Dimensions: 20.25″Hx15.75″Wx14.25″D
Inner Dimensions: 17″Hx14″Wx13.25″D 
Weight: 105 lbs 
Volume: 1.79 cubic feet

FS 16D

Outer Dimensions: 20.25″Hx29.5″Wx14.25″D
Inner Dimensions: 17″Hx27.25″Wx13.25″D 
Weight: 165 lbs 
Volume: 3.55 cubic feet

FS 16T

Outer Dimensions: 20.25Hx43.75Wx14.25D
Inner Dimensions: 17Hx41.25Wx13.25D
Weight: 222 lbs 
Volume: 5.38 cubic feet