FlameVault Series

Fire Protection Document Safes

The Flamevault Series offers 1 and 2-hour fire safes. With the 1-hour fire safes, you have a choice of a combination or an electronic lock to secure your valuables. The combination locked safe has an attractive tri-spoke handle giving you the feel of a bank vault. The electronic lock will allow you to change your own access “pin code” as you see fit. You have 3 sizes to choose from and all these safes also feature a removable drawer, 1 hour certified fire protection, an anchor hole in the bottom of the safe.

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Outer Dimensions: 12-1/8″x 16-1/2″x 14″
Inner Dimensions: 8″x 12-3/8″x 9-1/4″
Weight: 78 lbs 
Volume: 916 cubic inches


Outer Dimensions: 14-1/4″x 19-1/4″x 16-3/4″
Inner Dimensions: 9-1/4″x 15″x 12″
Weight: 105 lbs 
Volume: 1665 cubic inches


Outer Dimensions: 19-5/8″x 13-3/4″x 16-3/4″
Inner Dimensions: 15″x 9-1/4″x 12″
Weight: 119 lbs
Volume: 1665 cubic inches


Outer Dimensions: 22-1/8″x 18-1/4″x18-3/8″
Inner Dimensions: 16-3/4″x 12-3/4″x 12-3/8″
Weight: 187 lbs 
Volume: 1.53 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 27″x 21″x 20″
Inner Dimensions: 21-1/4″x 15-1/4″x 13-1/2″   
Weight: 272 lbs 
Volume: 2.53 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 32″x 23-1/4″x 20″  
Inner Dimensions: 26 1/8″x 17 1/2″x 13 3/8″
Weight: 365 lbs 
Volume: 3.54 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 37″x 23 5/8″x 21″
Inner Dimensions: 30 1/2″x 17 1/2″x 14 1/8″    
Weight: 415 lbs 
Volume: 4.36 cubic feet


Outer Dimensions: 45″x 27 5/8″x 25″
Inner Dimensions: 37 1/8″x 20 3/4″x 18″   
Weight: 550 lbs 
Volume: 8.02 cubic feet