CashVaults Series

Burglary (B) Rated Safes


The CashVault safes are a  money chest with simple functionality with excellent protection.  These safes have 1/2″ solid steel doors and a variety of security features such as auto-detect (auto-locking system), spring-loaded re-locking system and hardened drill resistant hard plates to ensure your valuables are kept safe.  These safes can’t prevent fire damage, but you may not mind when you see the price.  By keeping the safe simple, we can offer them at an excellent price without sacrificing quality.  CashVaults include large hinges on a replaceable bearing washer.  They also feature a powder coat finish that makes cleaning easy and provides a finish that will last.  This is a well crafted safe.

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CV 20

Outer Dimensions: 20″Hx15″Wx15″D
Inner Dimensions: 19.625″Hx14.625″Wx12″D
Weight: 79 lbs
Volume: 2 cubic feet

CV 20D

Outer Dimensions: 20.5″Hx20.5″Wx22″D
Inner Dimensions: 20.125″Hx20.125″Wx19″D
Weight: 140 lbs
Volume: 4.4 cubic feet

CV 27

Outer Dimensions: 27″Hx19″Wx17″D
Inner Dimensions: 26.625″Hx18.625″Wx14″D
Weight: 165 lbs
Volume: 4.01 cubic feet